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Welcome to ExitReadiness® Academy, an online learning center to help you exit your business successfully on your own terms and conditions. We know that your business is successful due to years of planning and hard work. You'd likely agree. In helping business owners be just as responsible and successful in exiting as they were in growing their business, we know that achieving your exit goals also requires years of planning. But, it can be tough to know where to begin. So, we created the ExitReadiness® Academy to make it easy for you to get started with this most important planning. And, starting now to increase your knowledge and create a strategy will dramatically affect your outcome when you're finally ready to exit. Begin today with our free assessments, video crash courses, seminars, worksheets, and plan to exit your business on your own terms and conditions.
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ExitReadiness® Seminars

The bonus seminar package includes presentations on various strategies for building value, incentivizing employees, pre-sale due diligence, business continuity and more. You'll get lifetime access when you subscribe to the ExitReadiness® Academy and we will regularly add new seminar presentations.
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Learn From Subject-Matter-Experts

Listen in on exclusive interviews with various subject matter experts pertaining to maximizing business value and planning a successful exit. 
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