Exit Readiness Academy

A one-stop toolkit owners want to start preparing for a successful eventual exit now.


Welcome to Exit Readiness Academy, an online learning center for business owners who want to prepare and stay on track for their long-term goals (both personal and business).

We know that you're business is successful due to years of planning and hard work. You'd likely agree. Well, as experts in helping business owners be just as successful in their exit as they were in growing their business, we know that achieving your long-term goals also requires years of planning and hard work.

Without planning years in advance, you'll likely hit many unexpected hurdles down the road that could have been avoided with the help of experts in tax, legal, wealth management, accounting, planning, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. While you should start planning now to clarify and achieve your personal goals for your life-after-exit, it can take a lot of time to gather all the information.

We created Exit Readiness Academy as your one-stop toolkit for the information you need to know now to plan for a successful exit (and life-after-exit) later.

Starting now dramatically affects the outcome you reach when you're finally ready to exit. So dive into our assessment, video crash courses, seminars, worksheets, and more. Everything is provided in a consecutive order so that you know what to do and in which order. Ultimately, you'll be able to learn the info you need to know now on your own schedule, wherever you are. Benefit from full access for a one-time price or a 6-month payment plan.

What's included?

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0. Start Here!
Download the Template
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1. Get Started
1. Why does this course exist?
3 mins
2. How will this course benefit me?
2 mins
3. What are misconceptions about exit planning?
2 mins
4. What is exit planning?
2 mins
5. Why is exit planning so important?
6 mins
6. Who needs an exit plan?
3 mins
7. What is the general process for exit planning?
3 mins
8. PHASE ONE: Discovery
8 mins
9. PHASE TWO: Design
8 mins
10. PHASE THREE: Implementation
7 mins
11. How should I apply this knowledge?
2 mins
12. What should I do this week if I'm less 10yrs out?
4 mins
13. What should I do this week if I'm more than 10yrs out?
8 mins
Assessment: Get Started
10 Questions For Business Owners
337 KB
2. Clarify Goals
Importance of Clarifying Owner Goals & Objectives
30 mins
Assessment: Clarify Your Goals
Clarifying Goals Worksheet
189 KB
3. GAP Analysis
Business Valuation
25 mins
Personal Needs Analysis
Assessment: Your GAP Analysis
Personal Needs Analysis Calculator
Business Readiness Assessment
4. Business Continuity
Business Continuity Seminar
16 mins
Assessment: Your Business Continuity
Business Continuity Instructions
150 KB
5. Exit Route
Introduction to Exit Routes
3 mins
1. Sale to Co-Owners-Key Employees
11 mins
2. Sale to a Third Party
12 mins
3. Transfer of Ownership to Family Member(s)
7 mins
4. Sale to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
9 mins
5. Retain Passive Ownership
5 mins
6. Liquidation
7 mins
Next Steps
5 mins
Assessment: Your Exit Route
Exit Routes Worksheet.pdf
703 KB
6. Exit Readiness
All ELP White Papers
3.05 MB
Assessment: Your Exit Readiness
ExitMap Analysis
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