The Exit Routes eBOOK by ExitReadiness®

The Exit Routes eBOOK

What Exit Route Will You Choose?  A description with advantages and disadvantages of eight exit routes.


The number of possible exit routes for a business owner can seem endless, 
but in reality, there are only eight: 
1. Sell the business to one or more key employees 
2. Sell to one or more co-owners 
3. Transfer the company to family member(s) 
4. Sell to employees using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) 
5. Sell to a third party 
6. Retain ownership but become a passive owner 
7. Engage in an IPO 
8. Liquidate 
(Note: An owner’s death always results in one of these eight exit routes.) 

The Exit Routes eBOOK...
Describes advantages and disadvantages of each exit route. 
Provides worksheets that will help you choose the best exit route for accomplishing your goals and objectives. 

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