Exit Readiness Podcast by Pat Ennis

Exit Readiness Podcast

Insights from subject matter experts on investing in your business now to gain an advantage later

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Listen to interviews with subject matter experts on how investing in your business now to gain an advantage later. You'll gain professional perspective and actionable insights from a variety of best-selling authors, financial experts, wealth managers, business experts, and more.

Get access to expert knowledge that, if implemented now, will give you an advantage in your business later.

What's included?

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#1 - Business Valuations & Exit Planning
23 mins
#2 - Growth through Acquisition
30 mins
#3 - Expensive Mistakes When Buying and Selling Co's
18 mins
#4 - Expensive Sentences
18 mins
#5 - The Changing Role of an Owner in the Successful Exit of Their Business
22 mins
#6 - How Important Are Retirement Plans When Selling Your Business?
19 mins
#7 - How Can a Business Owner Better Develop Their Successor?
30 mins
#8 - Relevant Habits for a Successful Business Owner Exit
18 mins
#9 - The Importance of a well-drafted Buy-Sell Agreement
22 mins
#10 - Minimizing Risks Related to Data Security and Privacy
36 mins

Plan Your Exit So You Exit Successfully On Your Own Terms And Conditions.

Pat Ennis is a Certified Exit Planner (CExP®), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy (CAP®). Through Exit Readiness, he equips business owners now for a great exit through personal coaching and exclusive content.