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It explores various specific strategies for building value and attaining your long-term exit goals.

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Content provided by the Certified Exit Planners and Business Consultants from ENNIS Legacy Partners.

What's included?

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Business Continuity
16 mins
Phantom Stock Plans
9 mins
The Changing Role of the Business Owner
11 mins
Importance of Clarifying Owner Goals & Objectives
30 mins
Ownership Transfers to a Third Party
18 mins
Integrating Your Exit Plan with Wealth & Estate Goals
11 mins
Pre-Sale Due Diligence (1/2)
5 mins
Pre-Sale Due Diligence (2/2)
19.8 KB
Stay Bonus and Salary Compensation Plan
8 mins
Methods for Transferring Your Company to Key Employees
28 mins
Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
17 mins
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