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Top 10 Deal Pitfalls
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An Agreement Is Not a Plan
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Exit Paths for Business Owners
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Exit Planning Headwinds
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Business Valuation
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Business Continuity Planning
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3 Keys to Identifying a Key Employee
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Transferring Wealth to Children: A Primer for Business Owners
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Characteristics of Bonus Incentive Plans
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A "Stay Bonus Plan" Sample
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C vs. S Corporation
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Successful Transfer of the Family Business
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Transferring Your Company to Key Employees
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Using Short-Term Key Employee Incentives to Increase Sale Price
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ESOP Opportunities
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Business Growth by Acquisition
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The Value Funding and Payment Aspects of Lifetime Ownership Transfers
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Plan Your Exit So You Exit Successfully On Your Own Terms And Conditions.

Pat Ennis is a Certified Exit Planner (CExP®), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy (CAP®). Through Exit Readiness, he equips business owners now for a great exit through personal coaching and exclusive content.