One Exit Action in 90 Days by ExitReadiness®

One Exit Action in 90 Days

You want to get started but time is limited.  One of our Certified Exit Planners will help you identify one Planning Action Item to focus on for the next 90 days.


You may understand the importance and need for planning for the inevitable (your eventual exit from the business) and have a sense of urgency to get started.  But, you're uncertain how to begin and cannot commit a lot of time to strategic planning and a consulting engagement right now. 

We created One Exit Action in 90 Days so that you can get assistance from a Certified Exit Planner in prioritizing one thing to focus on in the short-term, with minimum commitments of time and finances.

The process is simple:  1) You complete a 15-minute online questionnaire.  2) A 60-minute Zoom video conference is scheduled with one of our Certified Exit Planners.  3) The Exit Planner follows up with a prioritized list of 5 recommended Action Items.

Get started now by first completing the 15-minute questionnaire.  We will then reach out to schedule a virtual meeting.

What's included?

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1) Exit Assessment in Four Key Planning Areas. 2) 60-Minute Video Conference with a Certified Exit Planner. 3) Analysis and Action Item Recommendations.