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Exit Readiness Academy

An easy, online training program that busy business owners can take on their own time, at their own pace.


Easy & Affordable Training

Start planning for your post-exit goals. As an owner, you've built your business with goals in mind - goals for your family, finances, community, and customers. However, we know that owners are often so busy with the day-to-day operations that it can be hard to create a plan for their big-picture goals.

A Step-By-Step Process

Exit Readiness Academy (only $35 / month) is an easy and affordable online training program that walks you through the process of planning for your post-exit goals. The reality is that if you wait until you're ready to exit to create a plan, then neither you or your business will be ready to achieve those goals.

Start Investing Long-Term

You'll benefit from short educational videos and easy-to-take assessments we created for busy business owners like yourself. Our vision is for every business owner understand all that's at stake, and then create a plan now that'll prepare them to enjoy the successful exit they want later. Such a plan proves to be one of the best investments an owner can make in their future, on both a business and personal level.

What's Included:

Six educational modules with concise videos and training content.
Six corresponding assessments for your personal and business goals.
Group office hours with a Certified Exit Planner (twice a month).
On-going email support from a Certified Exit Planner.

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